Masterclass in memory of Prof. Lindsay

– IAFMHS 2018 (Antwerp) –

Masterclass in memory of Prof. William R. Lindsay

Organized by the

Dutch Chapter of the Association for the Treatment Of Sexual Abusers (NL-ATSA)

The assessment and treatment of sex offenders with intellectual disabilities

– 11.06.2018 –

Hilton Hotel, Antwerp, Belgium

A considerable number of sex offenders exhibit intellectual disabilities (ID). These offenders require bespoke assessment, support, and treatment. However, in practice ID and its role in sexual deviant behaviour are not always fully recognized. In order to enhance the effectiveness of support and treatment programs for sex offenders with ID, it’s of great importance for professionals to be aware of the presence of the ID’s, to understand its influence on the (sexual) behaviour, and to have knowledge of effective treatment programs.

This masterclass aims to present the state of the art research and best practices on the assessment and treatment of sex offenders with ID. With these sessions we aim to aid professionals in developing effective strategies for protecting public safety and rehabilitating sex offenders with ID. The program will constitute of the following sessions. Prof. Kasia Uzieblo (Thomas More & Ghent University, Belgium) and Dr. Petra Habets (OPZC Rekem, Belgium) will first discuss prominent problems with current assessment practices of ID in (sex) offenders. Second, Prof. Glyn Murphy (University of Kent, UK) will present state of the art knowledge on the development of sexual deviant behaviour in people with ID. The afternoon sessions will primarily focus on the treatment of sex offenders with ID. Prof. Leam A. Craig (Leam A. Craig, University of Birmingham, UK) will review the latest research findings on the effectiveness of treatment programs in these offenders, whereas Prof. John Taylor (Northumbria University, UK) will present specific tools for practice. At the end of the masterclass participants are invited to discuss their questions and remarks in a Q&A session.

In memory of Prof. William R. Lindsay

This masterclass is organized to honour the works of Prof. William R. Lindsay who has passed away in March, 2017. William Lindsay had dedicated his career to further our understanding of offending behaviour among people with ID and to improve assessment and treatment tools in these offenders. Prof. Lindsay, PhD, FBPS, FAcSS, FIASSID, was Consultant Forensic Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Director for Scotland and Head of Research for Danshell Group. He had also been Head of Psychology (LD) in NHS Tayside and Consultant Psychologist with the State Hospital. He was Professor of Learning Disabilities and Forensic Psychology at the University of Abertay, Dundee, and Honorary Prof. at Deakin University Melbourne. He had published over 350 research articles and book chapters, held over £2M in research funds and given countless presentations and workshops on cognitive therapy and the assessment and treatment of offenders with intellectual disability. Hence, Prof. Lindsay had played a leading role in this research field. To honour his invaluable work, the masterclass sessions will give ample attention to Prof. Lindsay’s research and the sessions will include researchers who have collaborated with Prof. Lindsay.

Preliminary program

9.00am – 9.30am: Introduction “The works of Bill Lindsay” (Kasia Uzieblo, Thomas More / Ghent University, president of NL-ATSA)

9.30am – 10.30am: Screening for intellectual disabilities – why does it matter? (Kasia Uzieblo, Thomas More / Ghent University, Belgium, & Petra Habets, OPZC Rekem, Belgium)

10.30am – 11.00am: Coffee break

11.00am – 12.00pm: Sexual relationships and individuals with ID: where does it go wrong? (Glynis Murphy, University of Kent, UK)

12.00pm – 13.00pm: Lunch

13.00pm – 14.30pm: Treatment of sex offenders with ID: What works? (Leam A. Craig, University of Birmingham, UK)

14.30pm – 15.00pm: Coffee Break

15.30pm – 16.30pm: Working with sex offenders with ID  – Tools for practice (John Taylor, Northumbria University, UK)

16.30pm – 17.00pm: Q&A and concluding remarks

Practical information

This NL-ATSA masterclass will also be included in the International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services (IAFMHS) conference 2018 program. You can attend this masterclass as a NL-ATSA / ATSA member or as a participant of the IAFMHS conference. You can choose to attend this masterclass and the IAFMHS conference, OR you can only attend this masterclass. Hence, attending the entire conference is not required.

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  • Location: Hilton Antwerp Old Town, Groenplaats 32, Antwerp, Belgium
  • All sessions will be in English
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NL-ATSA or ATSA members, early bird registration (valid until April 1, 2018): €100

NL-ATSA or ATSA student members, early bird registration (valid until April 1, 2018): €90

NL-ATSA or ATSA members, late registration (from April 2, 2018): €150

NL-ATSA or ATSA student members, late registration (from April 2, 2018): €140

Non-members and non-members students: €162 or 250 Canadian Dollar

Prices include access to the full-day workshop, a NL-ATSA notebook, and drinks during the coffee breaks (please note that lunch is not included). 


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